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Kanna goals for 2026

+15k tons
+15k tons
< CO2 removed until 2026 >
< of revitalized soil >
< in improvements >
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How will we Impact &
Move the Economy!

Positive Environmental Impact

Did you know that hemp has properties that help revitalize unproductive soils and is the most effective plant on the planet in removing CO2 from the atmosphere?

Improvement in the Local Economy

Science has already proven the benefits of using CBD in medicine. Your trade will help generate jobs and export assets, contributing to local development

Cannabis Awareness

In countries where cannabis is regulated, trafficking and consumption by under-18s decreased after the measure. We need to communicate this to accelerate the debate on the subject.
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< ESG in Core >
Why buy KNN?

Use your Token

Receive exclusive benefits for members of the Kanna holder community.

✅ Discounts on Kanna's partner network
✅ Badge and campaign collectibles
✅ Access to Exclusive Discussion groups.
✅ Participation in Kanna Lives and Events
✅ Access to various gifts and awards


Accumulate more KNN tokens through rewards in exclusive programs.

Damage Compensation

Compensate your CO2 emission and earn impact badges by applying your token.


Apply your tokens to vote on the Company's strategic decisions.

Deflationary Logic

As our token gains efficiency over time as the grow operation grows and keeps its supply fixed, it tends to gain value over time.
< Our Strategy >

Understand how we are going to generate a token with secure ballast, transparent policy and that has the ability to benefit both the residents of the impacted regions and communities that work on the project, as well as you who support the project and are a member of our community.

< Token KNN >
Digital Asset that
Impact the real world

KNN is the ESG token that has its backing in impact. In other words, a digital asset that makes an impact in the real world by improving degraded land, removing CO2 from the atmosphere and also investing in the community.


A utility token that gains efficiency and improves its applicability over time


We use your technology to generate environmental impact, in addition to helping to break this taboo.
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1. Where can I see the details of the project (White Paper)

You can find more information about why we created the project, how it works, what its applications are, what the economic structure is, etc. Just Click Here!

2. What phase of the project are we in?

Today we are in the genesis phase, moving towards the last deliveries all strategic documentation of positioning, technology, fundraising and company operation are being finalized. Among these deliveries and documents are:

  • 1. Pre-Sale token KNN
    Today people can go to the website, connect their wallet or pay in pix and be among the first people to acquire the project’s tokens.
  • 2. Token listing (last event of the Genesis era)
    Moment of liquidity generation for the market where people will be able to trade the token for free trade. This event is scheduled for the end of the first half of 2023.

To understand the roadmap and phases of the project Click Here!

3. ¿Cómo puedo participar en la comunidad Kanna?

Joining the Kanna community is very easy. You can connect with Kanna through our social networks (@kannacoin), through our Discord channel or by purchasing KNN tokens, boosting community results.

5. Is there any return on investment guarantee?

The KNN token is a utility token, that is, being a holder of Kanna tokens enables people in the community to have access to exclusive products and benefits. Between them:

  • Access to discussion groups, community channels and special content.
  • Discounts on products from the Kanna partner network.
  • Access to gifts, prizes and digital assets.
  • Participation in Kanna events.
  • Offsetting carbon credits, erasing your footprint and becoming a self-sustaining person.

Like any other digital asset, KNN tokens can also be sold, traded and transferred in the digital universe, through crypto wallets and exchanges (crypto brokerages).

To better understand how to use your tokens, click here!

5. Is buying KNN tokens safe?


In addition to being a community, Kanna is a reputable company with all the regular registrations necessary to operate in Brazil. Furthermore, in the world of technology, we want our projects to be evaluated by the best specialists in the market, which is why our smart contracts and the entire structure of the Kanna decentralized application are audited by CoinFabrik, one of the leading companies in web3.0 auditing in the market.

6. How will the pre-sale of KNN tokens work?

The pre-sale of KNN tokens is a promotional period, where tokens are offered at a value below the initial market value, bringing a financial advantage to the first members of the community.

This period begins on 01/25/2023 and runs until 02/28/2023, or while supplies last. A total of 100,000 KNN tokens are available for pre-sale. Tokens can only be purchased through the Kanna platform:

7. How will Kanna's farming operations work?

The Kanna community intends to direct cultivation operations to areas that have degraded soil, low HDI index and greater opportunities to have an environmental and social impact on people.

Plantations will go through auditing and reporting processes, generating evidence of cultivation and impact that will be made available on the blockchain network and correlated to KNN tokens. The entire cultivation process will be designed to generate a higher rate of soil phytoremediation, as well as to result in a high quality of the plants and, consequently, of the products generated from them.

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