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1. Where can I see the details of the project (White Paper)

You can find more information about why we created the project, how it works, what its applications are, what the economic structure is, etc. Just Click Here!

2. What phase of the project are we in?

Hoje estamos na fase final de preparo para o pré-lançamento, toda documentação estratégica de posicionamento, tecnologia, captação de recursos e operação da empresa estão em sendo finalizados. Among these deliveries and documents are:

  1. Launch of Kanna to the Market
    Campaign to tell people who Kanna is, what the KNN token is, how we intend to make an impact, etc…
  2. Private Investment Round
    This round will be part of Kanna’s launch to the market, in which it will be possible to reserve tokens with promotional value before the pre-sale. The funds raised in this round will be used to finance pre-sales, building the founding team and Capitalization to provide liquidity in the Market.
  3. Smart Contract Development
    We started the development of our Smart contract by finalizing modules linked to the token economy, and we are working on the first income stake pool, soon we will bring you more information about the contract.

3. How can I contribute? Can I buy anonymously?

You will be able to contribute by investing any amount to help the project start its cultivation operation and the development of applications for the token. In exchange, you will receive KNN tokens that will serve as a store of value for trading on Exchanges, creating impact badges, paying dividends, etc.

PS: Your purchase can be made anonymously.


To receive information about the pre-sale of tokens, click here

4. Where is the money collected from the sale of Tokens going?

The value raised through the trade of the tokens will be used to finance the Kanna operation, ranging from cultivation, to the communication of the project to the market.

If you want to know more about how we will use the invested amount, click here and access the document USE OF PROCEEDS.

To better understand how we intend to generate impact with our project, please access the white paper.

5. Is there any return on investment guarantee?

No, like any risky investment there is the possibility of losses. The value raised through the trade of the tokens will be used to finance the Kanna operation, ranging from cultivation, to the communication of the project to the market.

To better understand our proposal, access the white paper.

6. Is Kanna as a cryptocurrency illegal?

No, several countries like Canada, China, USA, El Salvador, etc. already have advanced regulations on the subject, including Brazil has already started this process and should even create its own currency.

7. Will the project be implemented in Brazil?

The choice will be made by the people who have KNN tokens through a vote, from a list prepared by Kanna Coin with the appropriate study for the beginning of the operation in each location.

Despite the desire to make the project happen in Brazil due to soil degradation, for being a world reference in Agronomy, in addition to having a favorable climate. We know that the regulation is not yet mature enough for the operation, so we have as an initial target of the operation Latin American countries that can benefit from the impact generated by Kanna.

PS: We will continue with our role of raising awareness and advancing regulation in Brazil and we intend to start a prototype of the soil revitalization process here.

8. Is Kanna a for-profit company?

A economic unit related to the CBD trade has its contribution margin (Gross Profit) reinvested so that we can expand the operation, generating a mechanics of feedback of the expansion, this makes the generation of profits and results have as main objective the expansion of the cultivation area and, consequently, the increase in the token’s impact ballast, with the appreciation of its price largely due to its scarcity, increased efficiency and various means of utility.