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Redeem 20 Kanna Coins in just a few steps.

Earn 20 KNN as a reward by helping Kanna share in their networks about their mission to positively impact people, communities and the planet through cannabis and blockchain.

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Campaign Steps
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1. What is gleam.io?

The gleam is a campaign management tool made by Kanna to promote its brand through secure software, used by several crypto projects.

2. Is it safe to pass my information to glema.io?

gleam.io has several security measures to protect your personal data such as encryption and cloud processing, and has audited security certificates. Learn more https://gleam.io/security.

3. Do I need to be a crypto investor to participate in the promotion?

Our airdrop is open to anyone with a digital wallet and the following networks: instagram, twitter, discord and telegram. These are the only requirements needed so hurry up and join us

4. What if I do only some of the tasks and not all of them?

To be rewarded it is necessary to fulfill all the tasks, if not all the tasks are completed the redemption will not be released.

5. How do I receive my tokens?

After you have completed all the missions you will just have to wait for a date to redeem using pinksale’s airdrop tool, this will have a small cost that varies between 2 and 3 dollars.

6. Can I participate in the promotion with 2 different accounts?

Regattas are for one person only, so it is illegal for the same individual to participate with two accounts. The tasks will be checked to verify the authenticity of the profile, and if fraudulent profiles are identified, the prize will not be awarded.

7. Is there a deadline to redeem my prize?

You will have 30 days after the closing of the airdrop to redeem your tokens, so keep an eye out and don’t miss this opportunity. Remembering that this exchange has a cost according to the dollar rate.

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8. Where can I access the complete regulation of the Campaign?

You can check the complete campaign rules by clicking here!